RNs in English-speaking countries with 1 year’s experience can get hired in the US… in just 3 steps.

We’re here to show you how.

Why practice nursing in the US?

Nursing pay in the US is extremely competitive

How much can a nurse in the US make? Anywhere from $29 per hour for regular hours and from $43 per hour for overtime . Nurses working travel assignments, working overtime, or practicing in a skilled specialty often make even more.

Constant nursing shortage

RN staffing has always been in growing demand in the United States since 2012. The baby boomer generation is needing more care, and many nurses are at retirement age. It’s estimated that 1 million new nurses will be needed by 2030 to meet the demand.

Worsened nursing shortage due to the pandemic

The US nursing shortage was already present, but the pandemic made the need even greater. Hospitals need more staff to care for the influx of patients. During the pandemic, many nurses left the profession to take care of home needs or to pursue a home-based career.

There’s full time, part-time, and temporary positions

With increased need, hospitals and facilities are adjusting their staffing offers. Nurses that want to stay in one area for several years are able to choose full or part-time staff positions. Nurses that want to travel can take on several-week to several-month assignments. Many travel nursing programs also pay for housing and relocation.

Positions are open for all kinds of nursing

Virtually every area of nursing needs more RNs. From medical-surgical nursing, intensive care, emergency, operating room, infusions, to obstetrics; bedside nursing needs have been especially high. Even outpatient nursing, like infusion centers, cancer treatment, and specialty clinics are looking for nursing. Long-term care facilities, like assisted living care and skilled assisted living care, are always on the lookout for great nursing staff.

Already speak English & have a year’s experience? Let’s start your US nursing career!

Hospitals are desperate to hire qualified RNs as quickly as possible. Once you’ve met the requirements to be a nurse in the US (passed the NCLEX, passed the English proficiency test, gone through appropriate immigration steps), it’s just a matter of moving into the US and starting your job.

How can I become a nurse in the US?

Are you an RN in an English-speaking country, like Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, the UK, the Philippines, or Australia?

Do you have at least 1 year of hospital experience?

Here are the 3 steps you’ll need to complete:

1. Take the NCLEX

The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) is the test used in the USA and Canada to determine whether a nursing graduate is eligible for entry-level nursing. You can take it at a Pearson Professional Testing location.

2. Take the English proficiency exam

Before you emigrate to the US, you’ll need to take the International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) test. This will be of course much easier than the NCLEX!

3. Go through the immigration process

You will need to go through a specific immigration process to move, live and work legally in the US.

We are here to guide you through each part of the process.