3 Steps on How to Move to The USA to Work as A Nurse

What is one thing that New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle have in common? Nurses. Every city and every town have a need for nurses. Due to several factors–like the global pandemic, an aging population, and a lack of RN educators–the demand for nurses is high. In nursing, there has never been a time filled with more opportunities. If exploration and career growth sound exciting, becoming an RN in the United States might be a great move.

Step One:

Step one to becoming a RN in the US is to take the NCLEX. The NCLEX is an exam all future nurses must take before practicing in the US. The test is designed to adapt as you take it; therefore, it adjusts the type of questions and proficiency level depending on how you are answering the items. The minimum number of questions you can get is 75, and the current maximum number of questions is 145. The maximum number of questions has changed, as of now, due to the pandemic. Having a range of questions is worrisome to many new graduates taking the exam because the test will “shut off” once it has determined if you passed or not. Countless people take the exam each year, and it is a rite of passage to becoming a nurse in the US. RN Staffing USA is here to help guide you on the path to success on the NCLEX. Just remember to breathe and know that you are not alone when the panic sets in if a question about long-acting vs. short-acting insulin pops up.

Step Two:

Step two to becoming a RN in the states is to pass the English Proficiency Exam. The test that will be required is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. An important part of nursing is communication, and although there are resources that can be utilized to help with language barriers, it is always smoother and helpful to speak the same language as your patient. English is the main language for the US, and unlike numerous other countries where the residents are bilingual, many Americans only speak English. The test is scored from a range of one to nine. Nine being expert level. The resources through RN Staffing USA will help you to excel with the IELTS. Scoring well on the language test will not only prove to the employer that you are capable of communicating efficiently with the patients, but it will also help you to form bonds and integrate into the community you are serving more effectively. Trust us, passing the NCLEX was the hard part; now you are on your way to the third and final step.

Step Three:

Step three to becoming a RN in the US is going through the immigration process. You have already passed the NCLEX and IELTS. This is it as you prepare for your adventure! You’ll have to qualify for an Employment-Based Green Card (EB-3 Green Card). There are a variety of benefits to having a green card including owning property, qualifying for citizenship in five years, protection under the legal system in the US, and many others. The immigration process can seem tedious and long; however, RN Staffing is here to help you through the process to ensure no steps are missed.


As a nurse, you have the honor of being with a person in some of their most vulnerable moments. We see the tears, and we see the triumphs. We also have a unique path that allows us to work and live in all parts of the world. Traveling to the US to work as a RN will open an infinite number of doors in the future for your career. We look forward to meeting you. With that said, how would you like to be on your way to the USA?