Continuing Education in Nursing in USA

Being a nurse is a wonderful honor, because it is such an incredible field of science. Healers have been around for centuries, and as technology, science, and research evolve, medicine evolves with it. RN Staffing USA recognizes there is exponential growth in medicine, and with growth and discovery, it can alter how nurses practice to better serve the patients. Nursing is a field full of life-long learning. Continuing Education, also known commonly as CEs, are required within the US in order to retain your nursing license. They might seem like a hassle to complete; however, they keep you up to date with the latest in nursing and allow you to do the safest, and current best practice for your patients.

Requirements of Continuing Education (CE)

As boring of a topic as it may seem, CEs are very important to your nursing career. There is no standardization for the states related to the number of CE credit hours you must obtain or the time frame in order to gain the credits. Two years to complete a specific amount of credit hours is a common amount of time for numerous states. Each state has a board of nursing (BoN) and a website where the information regarding the amount of CE credit hours can be viewed. For example, Ohio requires 24 CE credit hours over a period of two years. Sometime during the summer, before the two-year mark, the Ohio BoN will notify the nurses that are licensed within the state that it will be time to renew their licenses. By this time, it is important to have your CEs finished when you pay to have your license renewed. In Ohio, you are not required to show proof that you have completed all the required number of CEs. Although not common, it is important to note that you could be audited at anytime to ensure you have completed the correct number of CEs during that renewal period. Utilizing your state’s board of nursing website will be a wonderful resource when it comes to renewing your license and completing the CEs. It is also worth mentioning that some states require a certain amount of the credit hours to be completed on specific topics. This will be outlined in your state’s BoN website, or your place of work will guide you through the necessary CE credits.

How to Obtain CEs

The good news is there are countless ways to obtain your CE credits, and most of the time, it is fairly easy. One simple and free way to receive CE credits can be done through your health care facility. Larger hospitals or large healthcare organization typically have online learning modules that you can choose to do in order to get your CE credits. These are wonderful tools because sometimes, depending on the organization, they will have the state required CEs for your use. There will be plenty of interesting topics to explore and learn about that will keep you focused and be useful for your field of nursing. A subscription to a magazine or a website that will fulfill your requirements is another route some nurses take. There are free CE courses, and there are also courses that cost money. Whatever you choose, just ensure it is the right choice for you. One aspect to consider as you acquire these credits is tracking what sources are you utilizing. You will be responsible to track your CE hours. A good rule of thumb is to limit you sources in order to best keep track of your hours.


RN Staffing USA understands how difficult may seem sometimes to gain your CE credits; however, CE credits should be viewed as a learning opportunity and not another task on the “To-Do list.” Although they are required by many states, they are a wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge of your field and keep you constantly learning more about nursing. The more you know will only help you to become the best nurse you can be for yourself and for your patients.