Cultural Aspects of The United States

The word culture can mean something a little bit different to each individual person. The US has a rich blend of cultures from around the world. It has influences from all over which can make it a unique experience for a traveler. The culture of urban areas is different than the culture of rural areas. Just like the culture of the east is different than the west. Anywhere you go, when moving to the US, you will experience something different. RN Staffing USA understands that this can be a challenging transition, but keep in mind, each patient you encounter will bring a new viewpoint your way, and these experiences will help you grow not only as a nurse but also as a person.

Work-Life Balance

Although generalizing the views, some would say the American culture and mindset regarding a work-life balance is shifting to a more positive approach. Companies are learning that their employees need time away from the place of work so that the employees can give their best efforts while on the job. Too much work can lead to exhaustion and burnout. This is especially true in nursing. Due to the shortages worldwide for nurses, some hospitals are asking too much of their team, and this can lead to a higher turnover rate for nurses at those hospitals. It is important to remember your personal limits when it comes to picking up shifts and taking the necessary time off to regroup and feel balanced. On the other hand, too little work can lead to boredom and feelings of inadequacy. The culture around work is typically to work hard and rest on your time off. It is important to maintain this work-life balance while being a nurse in the US.

Making Friends

Forming bonds with people in any new place can be a challenge. In the US, most people are friendly, and it can be common to pass someone and them say hi. In certain places, like small towns, the culture can seem to be very community-based. The community-based mindset, though, can be found anywhere there are groups of people such as churches, sports teams, and your place of work. Joining a workout class or grabbing dinner with coworkers after a shift is a terrific way to reach out and create bonds with people. Americans are also noticeably big into sports, specifically American football. It is a common ground for Americans to talk about what game was viewed over the weekend and who is your favorite team. The culture surrounding sports in America is competitive and fun, and it is an uncomplicated way to make friends. If sports are not so much your thing, no problem! There are plenty of art classes, book clubs, and organization you can be a part of. If you have not downloaded the app Meetup, now is the time. This app allows you to join groups in your area for activities you enjoy doing. Are you a hiker or runner? They have a group for that.


Food is also a very cultural driven aspect in the US. With people from all over living in the US, they bring their cultural traditions to the table. In cities, it is quite common to see a wide variety of restaurants. Something else you should know is nurses love to eat. This is a frequent theme across hospital units and clinics. Potlucks can be a normal occurrence around the holidays. Customarily, everyone prepares a dish for lunch during a potluck. This is a fantastic way to introduce a piece of your culture to your colleagues. Food brings people together and is one of the best ways to appreciate a culture.


Any new culture will come with its challenges. It can be different and seem strange why people do things a certain way. Keeping an open-mind and a nonjudgmental view will help you make the transition smoother. Remembering the differences in our cultures can help you to better understand the people by whom you are surrounded. Also, patients might be curious about your own culture, and this could be an education opportunity for them to learn. In whatever way you interpretate the word culture, you will be an added bonus to the US by bringing a little piece of your home with you!