Expenses Related to Living and Working in the US

Just like any major move, living in the US is going to take some financial planning. The good news is, the nursing salary you will make while living here will be enough to cover your needs, and you will be able to spend and save as well! A big change, like moving to a new country, will require a plan. Hopefully, RN Staffing USA can ease your mind and answer some questions regarding what it is like to live in the states.


Arguably, the biggest decision when moving is where are you going to live? The US is a large country with a variety of climates, landscapes, towns, cities, and regions. The housing types are also dependent on where you live. Typically, depending on where you live, in a city it will probably cost you more than living in a subdivision or a town. The region you live in as well could impact the housing prices. States along the coast and some southern states, like Texas and Florida, have a higher cost of living than many mid-west states, like Ohio and Iowa. In 2020, the average amount of money spent on a one-room apartment in the US was $1,100. This is just an average and does not reflect all places to live. The salaries, in more expensive locations, are usually a little higher though which helps to combat the increase in rent or housing. Wherever you would decide to move, there are always going to be affordable housing options.


Bus, car, train, or subway? These are just some of the routes of transportation that should be considered when you decide to make the move and find a place to live. If you decide to move to a large city that has a subway system or train system, this is a reliable, inexpensive, and safe way to travel. In New York City, the subway is very popular. A month membership for unlimited rides on the subway are around $127. Other large cities have their own subway or metro train type system that may have cheaper fares. The Cincinnati Bell Connector within the downtown area is free to users. If you are moving to a city or just outside the city, it is important to investigate public transportation options. On the other hand, owning a personal car always has its benefits. The ability to have the freedom to drive where you please is convenient and easy. The average cost to buy a used car in the US depends on a variety of aspects. It is also important to note that once you own a car, the average cost of car insurance is a little over $1600 a year (2). These are all important details to consider when choosing a transportation method.

Nursing Insurance

One important feature to remember is to buy annual nursing insurance. If you are not familiar with the concept, it is important to buy nursing insurance in case something would happen, and you find yourself in a situation that could cost a lot of money. You can pay for some insurance plans monthly or annually. The cost is worth it if you would ever need the protection. It is common to pay around $90-$100 for nursing insurance in the US.


All in all, with the salary you will make as a nurse, you will be able to thrive within this new environment. Utilizing RN Staffing USA and doing your research to establish a plan will help make the process smoother. In the end, the journey will be exponentially rewarding. With the right doors opening, you’re one step closer to accomplishing your dream of being a nurse in the US.