Top Specialty Fields in Nursing in the US

Nurses have the training and ability to work in any field of medicine. As you go through nursing school, you may start to lean toward a particular field rotation. Some people realize they only like working in pediatrics, while other people develop a passion for oncology. Nursing allows you to explore remarkable pathways in medicine. While all areas in nursing are in demand for RNs, there are some specific fields that are expected to grow exponentially. RN Staffing USA is going to break down some of the current top fields in nursing!

Critical Care

These nurses see the worst of the worst when it comes to trauma, burns, accidents, and all other extreme cases. They spend their days running ventilators, monitoring vital signs, titrating medications, and doing everything it takes to keep someone alive. Most critical care nurses work in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The world saw a sharp increase in the need for critical care nurses with the global pandemic. These nurses know how to operate life-saving machines like Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT). They can work toward unique certifications that only nurses with critical care experience can obtain. The expected job growth is 19% which is wonderful for future nurses. If you have critical care experience and want to move and work in the US, this is a great time to do it!


Neonatal nurses, also known as NICU nurses, have one of the most unique nursing experiences. They work with the world’s tiniest patients. They can witness miracles and great sadness all within a day’s work. Similarly, to the critical care nurses, neonatal nurses learn to operate complex and crucial machines. They are also working closely with the parents of the babies. Being a neonatal nurse can open many doors due to the uniqueness of the specialty. The expected job growth for these nurses is around 22%. NICU nurses are also getting paid up to near $50 an hour in some places.


Oncology nurses have an expected job growth rate of around 19%. Oncology RNs are blessed and cursed with building strong patient relations. Depending on where the nurse works, they typically see many of the same patients; for example, the patients who are receiving long-term chemotherapy treatments can go to outpatient infusion centers. The patients then see the same nurses. This allows the nurses to create incredibly strong bonds with the patients. The curse is it can be an emotion field of nursing. After spending some time working on an oncology unit in a hospital, oncology nurses can become chemotherapy certified and be able to administer chemo to patients. If you are looking for a field of nursing that challenges you not only clinically but also emotionally, oncology nursing is the route for you.

Wrapping it up

Any field of nursing you decide to pursue will lead to countless open doors. If you try a specialty area and do not enjoy it, you can always keep looking for an area that piques your interest. Before moving to the US to work as a RN, think about your current nursing job and what you like and dislike. It might be a good idea to investigate the area of nursing you want to try and research how the field is in the US. Whatever you choose, the nursing field is only growing with numerous opportunities to explore!